My name is Amy.
The only thing of significance to know about me is that I am a desperate sinner saved by the great and good King. He rescued me at a young age. Though He made a member of His royal family, I have frequently behaved as if I am not. My lack of gratitude, my lack of vision frequently clouds my judgment. I have tried to sneak away, as if I live in a dungeon not a castle. Thankfully He condescends and graciously brings me back time and again. He is the Hosea to my Gomer, the ultimate Grace to my ultimate failing. I have found that He uses all in life to point me back to Himself, most often He uses my five children and devoted husband. My desire is to keep my eyes open, refocus my vision so that I can chase glimpses of my infinitely beautiful God. When I get these glimpses, I get fresh perspective, eternal perspective for a moment. With that perspective comes comfort and restoration and I am able to live abundantly in service to the King.

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