Deeply Moved

“Then Jesus, deeply moved again, came to the tomb.” John 11:38 While I am writing these words, somewhere my daughter is being pepper sprayed, on purpose. It is a requirement for her job as a deputy sheriff. She texted to tell me a time so I could be praying. She is nervous and I am … Continue reading Deeply Moved


Though they could not understand why lights were on on the porch or the fountain bubbled in front of the main building, Paul and Amelia were delighted. To make their way around the empty campus was a fantasy with only a single intrusion—the occasional slow driving security guard. He’d circled through twice now, slow enough … Continue reading Unsafe

All that is left on this Eve is the crown

As I sat reading this morning while drinking diluted, doctored coffee, my eyes and mind went over and again to this Advent countdown with cutout cardstock in the center of the kitchen table. My youngest and I have worked our way, day by day, cutting and sorting and displaying the individual steps. I realize as … Continue reading All that is left on this Eve is the crown

Leviticus and how God wants you (yes, you) near

This learning curve is steep. New job, all new terminology, volumes of unfamiliar acronyms and unfamiliar operating systems are a tad overwhelming. I could chalk it up to a lot of things— age, background, disposition—but it is now a moot point. In the last three weeks I have learned more than I ever thought I … Continue reading Leviticus and how God wants you (yes, you) near